We have to say; We're digging the neon signs dotted everywhere, it is such a shame they are not more commonplace in everyday life - there is something magical about neon (and neon style) lighting that simply cannot be replicated by modern signage.
Some subliminal advertising about the quality of their Bacon Butties...
Being split across two levels allows a natural distinction between the showroom (upstairs) and the downstairs storage and workshop areas. Downstairs also houses a number of small businesses within the Duke Of London premises.
The downstairs storage area has fantastic lighting, giving a real sense of atmosphere to a space that would otherwise be a simple storage space. Some cars have been left uncovered for display, whilst others are cloaked in matching green shrouds; Only certain iconic silhouettes give hints at the cars which lie beneath, whilst others remain a mystery to all but a select few.
Small details and currently-unused areas give hints to the former life of the building, with peeling paint and unfinished concrete contrasting with the bright colours and retro-chic artwork dotted throughout the property.
Every petrolheads' dream living room... The use of light and shade throughout the factory is absolutely sublime.
Upstairs the dark, moody lighting gives way to excellent natural lighting courtesy of the original factory windows, bathing the cars in the 'showroom' in light - allowing any potential purchasers or visitors to scrutinise every last detail of the cars on display. Whilst we have only attended one event here, it seems clear from various social media posts that this area is often switched up between events, meaning no two open day layouts are ever the same.
From the showroom, you can get a great vantage point overlooking the goings-on below, as well as being able to peer out into the courtyard to see what the latest arrival may be. 
Even more neon - we just can't get enough of it! 

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