What is SHIFT?
SHIFT came about from a desire to tell stories and showcase cars from all aspects of car culture, in a way that stands out against the sea of blogs and galleries that are so commonplace online in todays community. 
Here at SHIFT, we opt to tell stories through an online magazine format; Laying out the 'pages' as if they were a printed magazine, allowing for a much more in-depth experience and a far more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The theory behind this is that the images are the heart of the story - Visually stimulating and engaging, we put the priority on the photography and allow the words to accompany and support where we feel necessary. 
Whilst it is no secret that we have a love for all things retro here at SHIFT (modified or otherwise) - We believe that all aspects of automotive culture can live in harmony under one roof. From drifting to concours d'elegance, and from weekend show cars to every day drivers, what unites us all is the same; The drive. The smell of petrol in the air. The squeal from your tyres as you attack the corner. The immense joy that you get when you nail a downshift. The moment when you park up, lock the car and walk away... and then look back again. Regardless of our tastes, at the very core of car culture, we are one and the same. 
SHIFT magazine will follow a rather unusual format of publishing. Instead of making you wait 3-4 months between issues, instead we are going to publish smaller issues and posts sporadically throughout the year, with two 'full size' issues released each year. These smaller issues will showcase events, individual stories and the like; Whilst the biannual releases will have in-depth stories, interviews, multi-page galleries and more. 
We hope you enjoy this new foray into the world of automotive media and storytelling, and of course if you have a story that you think would be worth telling; Do feel free to get in touch with us via the 'contact' button at the top of the page.
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